Island Carpet Cleaning

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My name is John Rhodes and I am the owner/ operator of Island
Carpet Cleaning.  I sold and retired from a very successful carpet
business on the mainland in 1999.  After a few years of trying to
figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up,  I decided to go for
what you know!  I have the finest truck mounted steam cleaning
equipment available and instead of a standard steam wand,  I use
the revolutionary Rotovac.  With a standard steam wand, an
operator can only get 45 passes per minute.  With the Rotovac and
it's six jet heads and vacuum slots,  I get 1500 passes per minute all
day long.  The results of this are obvious. The Rotovac allows me to
use less water and chemicals, and do a better job, faster and more
economically than the competition.  Call me at 808.938.0241
"Cleaning Hawaii island one room at a